From concept to completion, creativity, attention to detail and quality are are of the utmost importance to us here at Majestic Batiks.

The steps involved in creating a bolt of fabric are a labor of love and a bit time consuming (6 days per bolt to be exact and longer if there is a monsoon).  Despite the time and weather obstacles, we absolutely love creating batiks for you to enjoy.

To begin we need colors and design.  Color in batiks will normally range from two considered a simpler combination to as many as eight.  When using more color, it is very important to make sure your batik does not become “muddy” a result of mixing of these colors.

The design goes from idea to paper – to revisions – to a “Tjap” pronounced Chop.  Each chop is handmade out of copper and a complete work of art all in itself.

The fabric.  Our fabric is 100 gram per meter 100% cotton.  We choose only a high quality fabric that can withstand the vigorous process of dyes and wax to create quality batiks you can count on for your next project.  We understand the hours that go into a project and know how important it is to provide the highest quality of batiks.

The first step is to scrunch the fabric on a drying mat, place it under the sun and begin with the first set of colors.  After they are applied, they dry under the sun.  When completely dry, they are processed through a no-bleed solution and then hung on a line to dry.

Next each bolt 12-16 yards in length is hand stamped with hot wax using our “Tjap”.  Waxing is a vital step and critically important in the quality of wax and skill as to ensure that it penetrates both sides of the fabric to protect the colors beneath it.  After it is set, it is bleached to remove 75% or more of the first set of dyes from any area not covered by wax.  Crazy huh?

After bleached, it is rinsed in several clean pools of cold water.

Then, we basically go back to step one – dying.  The fabric is scrunched on a drying mat, placed under the sun to dry with the second set of colors.  After it is dry, it goes through the no bleed process again.

At this point, it is ready for the vats of boiling water.  It is placed is several different vats of boiling water to remove the wax.  After it is completely removed, it is then rinsed again several times in cold water and hung to dry.  And… there you have the process of making a bolt of Majestic Batik!

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